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Raymond ROCA
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Once upon a time, there was an Aboriginal tribe in Australia called Wahroonga. The women were beautiful, and the men were athletic and had a passion in throwing the boomerang. They were ruled by the great leader – Booboonga. He had three lovely daughters –Parramatta, Cabramatta and Coolangatta.

The tribe lived a peaceful life, close to the Pacific Ocean, locally known as Solwata Mayumarry. The Wahroongans never had any wars, and for that they did not have any enemies. They loved plants and animals, which, in return, loved them. The kangaroos, koalas and platypuses played with their children. The emu carried them for a ride, and the kookaburra woke them up every morning, like an alarm clock.

Everything was going on well until one day a child disappeared. The whole tribe looked for him everywhere. The next day, two women who were washing fruits in the river vanished without trace. The situation started to get worse… On the third day, an ugly monster, like a Pteranodon from the Jurrasic Period, made an unexpected appearance at the tribe’s camp. The creature, with a Godzilla look, was Muntha, the kangaroo feaster. He finally caught taste for human flesh. Everyone was afraid of him. He butchered a lot of the Wahroongans. After the monstrous dinner, he went back to his shelter to rest. That was a large cave under the Blue Mountains. All the surviving Wahroongans thought that their own death was near. They had run out of ideas of how to cope with this terrible situation.

Booboonga sent people to other tribes, but even those were terrified of the vicious killer. Everybody was thinking for some answer on how to save the people from the mouth of the dreaded monster. None of them were able to find something positive and effective. Booboonga just remembered Boorthana, the great medicine man, who lived in Thakun, or The Great Sandy Desert, in a big dhudula (termite) nest that was emptied of the white ants by an echidna who ate their queen. Many times, the estranged man saved humans from sicknesses and troubles.

After three days and three nights of riding on a giant kananganthan (emu), Booboonga reached the ends of the desert. From a dry wadi, a wood trunk, eaten inside by the dhudula, he quickly made a didgeridoo. With it, he started producing some strange tunes, which he learnt from his father. They were the sounds that he had to make to find the great Boorthana in Thankun.

Not after long, another didgeridoo answered back. It was Boorthana. The message was the acceptance to come closer. Booboonga greeted the wizard and told him of all the bad things that had been happening lately. Boorthana listened carefully and whispered some magic words. Then, the silence settled again. The magic words had been Ba-Ba-Bu.

The chief had been saying them all the way back so that he could not forget them. Only the magic of Ba-Ba-Bu was strong enough to destroy Muntha. Ba-Ba-Bu meant bamal, badu, and burrumarrimil. He was however unhappy, as the medicine man had told him that only his three daughters could successfully accomplish this mission. Only them, Cabramatta, Parramatta and Coolangatta were strong enough to challenge the monster. Cabramatta had to carry the bamal (soil), Parramatta, the badu (springwater) and Coolangatta, a small sack of burrumarrimil (eucalyptus seeds). All of these things would help to destroy Muntha, with only one condition: that the girls never would look into his eyes.

As Booboonga arrived home, all the tribespeople were very sad because they thought that the cruel monster would eat the girls. On the other hand, the girls were very brave and wanted to save the world from the bad and monstrous Muntha. Therefore, they got everything ready and set off in the evening. This was because the Aborigines prefer to travel at night, when it is cooler and more comfortable to travel. The trip was long and torturing. Only the stars of the Southern Cross were their friends, lighting their way. They were tired, hungry and thirsty, but none of them complained. Early in the morning, they arrived at Muntha’s Cave in the Blue Mountains. They hid in a spinifex bush and waited until the dragon came out. After a while, the girls knew that Muntha woke up, because of the horrible groaning sounds made by the hungry monster. He was getting ready to go to the village and eat a few more itethe kuli (live people).

The girls courageously approached the horrible creature. Cabramatta scattered the soil on his body, Parramatta, the water, and Coolangatta, the seeds. The seeds started to grow and the soil and water helped. In one quick moment, Muntha looked like a eucalyptus mountain. The plants were strangling him, and he was choking rapidly. He then told the girls that, if they let him go, by burning the plants, he would be a good dragon and will help humans with all their hard work. The girls remained unconvinced and covered their eyes, so that they wouldn't be affected by the stare of the dragon. Muntha then offered them two diamonds the size of an emu egg, which he immediately threw at their feet. However, even this generous act couldn’t convince the girls to set the man-eater free.

Muntha was starting to die. The girls waited until he was dead, and then, they all shouted with joy. Coolangatta picked up the diamonds off the floor. She wanted to take them home, as a consolation for the tribe’s sufferings. But, those "diamonds" were actually dying devil’s eyes, which were still alive. Then, they all felt dizzy, and slowly-slowly transformed into three rocks. These were The Three Sisters.

In Australia, not far from Sydney, in the Blue Mountains, lies the small rural town of Katoomba. There we will find The Three Sisters, a gigantic statuary group of tectonic origin. And, not very far away, are the Jenolan Caves, the shelter of the monster, and finally, the giant monolith Orphan Rock, where it is said that Muntha the Dragon is captured.

Raymond ROCA
publicat la 03.01.2006 (21264 citiri)