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12.07.2019 11:14   Need suggestions on baby teething toys  citat 

My nephew is 5 months old and he's teething..he's putting his fingers into his mouth to reduce the discomfort ..,i started researching  for some teething toys online and found these  comotomo silicone baby teether ( [url]https://www.amazon.in/Comotomo-Silicone-Baby-Teether-Orange/dp/B00913DY3W [/url] and so'pure circle teether (
https://www.sophielagirafe.ca/store/so-pure.html ). which is the best & safe toy to buy among these two., please do suggest me if you know any other best teethers & some tips to reduce his pain and irritation, thanks in advance.



15.07.2019 11:41     citat 

Here are some tips that helps baby reduce his pain while teething

1 Rub baby’s gums :

Wash your hands, and then give your baby a little gum massage. The pressure, which will be counter to the pressure of the teeth breaking through, will feel good and offer your little one some relief from swollen gums.

2. Try different types of teethers :
Babies have preferences on lots of things, and teethers are no different. When their mouths are really aching, you want to give your child something they like and will really sink those gums into. Check out our list of , from wood and rubber options to teethers you can freeze.

Teething toys that baby can chew on to relieve sore, sensitive gums. Chomping down on a teether feels good because it offers counter pressure to the rising tooth. Teethers can be made of wood, silicone, natural rubber, BPA-free plastic or fabric, but different babies have different preferences, so expect some trial and error while you find what your little one prefers. Check it here for some teething toys ( https://www.qhousekids.com )



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