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autor Same-sex love.     

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15.11.2021 9:48   Same-sex love.  citat 

When it comes to sexual relations, it is worth thinking about such a phenomenon as the attraction of people of the same sex to each other. Is it possible to call such a relationship love, what is it really? Is it a disease, a mental aberration or ordinary promiscuity? It is important for all of us to understand this right now, before it is too late. After all, around us are the young and the young, who are destined to continue the human race. That is why same-sex love attracts attention as a social phenomenon, condemned or approved by society.

What is going on in their heads when this ugly phenomenon bulges out and splashes out on screens, on the Internet and on the streets. It has even become fashionable to be different from everyone else. So immature teenagers are original one before the other. It's so simple: to stand out from the crowd with a different sexual orientation, and not with talent or education.

What does same-sex love mean
There is no such thing in religion, medicine and psychology. This manifestation of feelings is usually called sexual attraction to a representative of the same sex. Further relations are built on this. This phenomenon completely excludes the deep meaning of harmony and unity. On the other hand, harmony was programmed in us by nature itself – to give birth to a similar one for procreation.

We can really love a friend or girlfriend. This is due to the fact that we are comfortable communicating with them, doing common business or helping. These are wonderful soul movements that enrich our lives and make us mutually stronger. Happy are those who know how to be friends and keep friends for life. And if it doesn't occur to anyone to drag a friend into bed. And this is more than a normal human relationship.

Another case is when a friend or girlfriend tries to touch you, to be in close physical proximity. And sometimes they openly express their sexual claims. That's when we're talking about same-sex attraction. From all points of view and public morality, this cannot be considered normal.

Until recently, it was not only condemned, but also criminally punished. These are different times and it may be that the second person in the pair will want to respond to the claims. Will it be a love relationship and what is the basis of blue or pink love?

Is it a disease?
But maybe this is a disease and a couple should be pitied and indulged in unnatural desires? Not at all. Same-sex attraction is not recognized as a disease by either science or society. In most cases, people are absolutely healthy physically. Another question is whether they are mentally normal? Or do they allow themselves perversions and incline others to it because of the depravity of their character?

And here it is necessary to understand the difference between the disease and the disorder, as well as why such manifestations have arisen. What awakens in an ordinary, seemingly, boy or girl perverted aspirations for intimacy with members of their own sex.

Same-sex love is not a disease. This is just the broken thinking of an individual based on personality disorders or a specific idea of sexual relations.
In other words, sexual same-sex love is not a disease and it is not necessary to treat it with pills like a cold. But it has to be recognized as a mental disorder, and therefore this question is in the field of psychiatry. The same phenomenon can be a consequence of the banal promiscuity of an immature person or a habit formed under the influence of an experienced molester.

A persistent algorithm of sex is formed in a person's head and the natural craving for persons of the opposite sex atrophies.  Or the opportunity to realize sexual intimacy with a woman disappears, if we are talking about a person of the "male" sex.

If a lady can at least try to return to natural sex and endure the inconvenience, then a man simply will not be able to have sexual intercourse with a woman if his essence does not want it.



Locatie: Miami Beach, FL

15.11.2021 12:33     citat 

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