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The princess and the pea

Printesa si bobul de mazare (engleza)

Once upon a time there was a Prince who wanted to be married.He insisted that he could only marry a real Princess,he set for a long trip to find a wife as he wished but he came back home,empty handed.
One stormy night,the Prince was at home in the royal palace with the King and Queen.Suddenly,a knock was heard at the palace door.There on the doorstep stood a lovely girl,dripping wet and shivering with cold.
"I am a Princess,"said the stranger."Please may I come in until the storm has passed?"
As soon as the Prince saw hte girl he fell head over heels in love.
"We will soon see if she is a real Princess..." said the Queen.
When the girl was shown to her room,she saw that the bed was piled high with twenty feather mattresses and twenty feather pillows.
The next morning,the royal family was breakfasting when their guest appeared."Did you sleep well?asked the King.
"No",replied the girl,"A lump in my mattress kept me awake all night,and my body still hurts a lot."
"Then you are a real Princess "said the Queen."Only a real princess has such a delicate skin taht she can feel the tiny pea I placed under the bed."
So the Prince and the Princess were married and lived happily ever after and the pea could be kept in the palace until now.

In limba romana: Printesa si bobul de mazare

Sasu Marina
publicat la 09.05.2006 (10057 citiri)