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autor Why do I need an accountant?     

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08.05.2021 8:07   Why do I need an accountant?  citat 

The accounting profession has lost its value in the eyes of business owners in recent years. Ten years ago, this specialist had an unquestionable authority among employees, was the right hand and the main adviser to the head. And now he is increasingly seen as a dependent or employee who performs technical functions and does not solve anything.

Accountant - studies and knows the standards by which the state requires accounting and reporting, and in general, acts as an intermediary between the firm and the end user of its reporting-in the person of the state. Accordingly, the manager can relax and sleep peacefully, knowing that one hemorrhoid in his life with the advent of the accountant has become less.

Unless, of course, he hired a "cheaper" accountant, who really can only download the statement and click on the button to send the reports when the program says "it's time". I often encounter situations when, without sufficient qualifications and work experience, "specialists" get a job as chief accountant or take on the service of the organization. They make mistakes, which are followed by fines and further restoration of accounting is required. This negatively affects the financial position of the company and the reputation of ALL accountants, who would not offer their services and assistance in the future.



Locatie: Miami Beach, FL

08.05.2021 10:14     citat 

Good afternoon. In fact, a competent accountant can significantly facilitate the life of a businessman. Therefore, I can advise you on bookkeeping services in the UK from osome. I have been using their services for a long time and do not plan to change anything. My accounting records have never been in such good condition.



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