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autor Fear of loneliness.     

Locatie: 22, Lazyrnaya

19.09.2021 8:19   Fear of loneliness.  citat 

The theme of loneliness is complex and multifaceted. In a few paragraphs of the article, you will not fully reveal it.

Today I want to touch on one, as it seems to me, important issue. This direction does not 100% cover the causes of loneliness, discomfort from this condition, but it helps to understand yourself, your motives.

How many times do I see such cases when a person clings to an outdated relationship, lives with an unworthy partner, suffers humiliation. And all in order not to be left alone.

"I don't want to be alone" is a very convenient excuse to myself, to others. It seems to sound convincing. But it does not bring a state of satisfaction, because a person consciously puts himself in the position of a victim. It is not so easy to part with such a role, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get out of it over the years.

So why is this #fear of loneliness so oppressive?

No matter how cruel it may sound, but often this happens because a person is afraid to be alone with himself. He feels insufficiently whole, filled. He is bored with himself.

Without confirmation of interest from another person, without the constant physical presence of someone else in his life, he feels inferior.

This is often why # people after some neurotic, dependent relationships immediately enter into other destructive # relationships They do not have time to catch their breath, do not give themselves the opportunity to look around, do not want to dig out their true self. It seems to them that it is much easier and more effective to get confirmation from someone that he is ready to be with him.

For someone, #loneliness is freedom, a state of relaxation. For someone – this is an unbearable, painful state, perceived as a punishment, in some cases even as a kind of inferiority, inferiority.

Just when you realize that you can't stand being alone, you should not always rush to look for some interest in the eyes of other people. Reassure yourself that at least someone is ready to be with you next. It is better to try to dig deeper:

- Do you feel fulfilled?

Your # potential is revealed, do you benefit this world and see the return?

- Are there more interesting and pleasant things to do in your day, or are you just dragging your feet, passing the time?

Just in such a situation, having at least some kind of relationship seems to be the only outlet.



Locatie: Miami Beach, FL

19.09.2021 12:29     citat 

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